The programs at Underground Boxing and Fitness were designed with dignity and passion by David Jetter. His mission is to transform your mind, body and spirit to make you the best person you can be.

Also take advantage of David's offer to you... a discounted session at the rate of $75 for one hour! This unique opportunity will give you the chance to experience the difference in working out with David. Plus, if you choose to purchase a package that same day, the $75 fee will be waived! That's like getting a free session! You can choose to train one on one with David or within a group of up to ten people. Below are our programs along with a short description about each:

Boxing at Underground Boxing and Fitness Fairfield, CT Underground Boxing and fitness takes an extraordinary approach to bring the best out of each individual from novice to professional with the philosophy of commit or be hit. I truly recommend you challenge yourself with a 1-2 or a Jetterjack, whether it is to get in shape or just to learn how to box. Step into the ring of self-esteem and watch your overall health improve.

Kick your way into flexibility, hand foot coordination, leg stamina with repetitive drills that will make you feel like an elite fighter. Women can find the right spot to kick that male attacker and it may just save your life.

A resistance training program using weights and the body, develops lean muscle and helps you burn fat even as you sleep.  These unconventional, effective methods will get you the results you deserve

Pertains to the client with specific fitness needs or the athlete that wants sports specific training to enhance his or her athletic abilities. Give me the opportunity to change your mind, body and spirit with a proven track record of success.


Mix Martial Arts conditioning is designed to give the fighter the cardiovascular strength, explosive power, speed, agility and the athleticism he or she needs. We use interval training with other diversified techniques. The secret in my training is that I condition the fighters at an elite level.

Contains elements of mix martial arts, boxing, body resistance & core training, stability work, mental conditioning, cardiovascular & flexibility training.

The boxing and fitness class is a personal training experience in a group which is held on Monday & Wednesday evening from 7-8pm